• Environmental branding

    Consultancy and special projects for corporate and institutional environments with a focus on materialization of the companies' identity, incorporating their culture through the architecture, interior design, graphic design and signage.

  • Wayfinding design

    Consultancy in wayfinding design projects and systems for outdoor and indoor environments of any nature or operation. Design strategy and media to create an information system that guides the user in spaces and reinforces the organization's identity.

  • Retail design

    Consultancy and projects that include the creation and standardization of retail or service environments through architecture, interior design and visual merchandising, with the aim of promoting brand experience and product exposure at points of sale.

  • Interpretive design

    Projects that create unique settings for interaction, experiences, content and interpretation. They are conceived as a design strategy and media to communicate, educate and inspire people in showrooms, exhibitions and events.

  • Exhibit design

    Projects that devein ephemeral promotional spaces, through architectural, design and visual communication interventions, with the aim of creating sensorial experiences and promoting companies, products and services.